Sea Freight From Vietnam to Incheon Korea

Sea Freight From Vietnam to Incheon Korea

South Korea is considered one of Asia’s three economic dragons. The trade-in goods between Vietnam and South Korea is growing and expanding. For that reason, the demand for exporting goods to Korea is increasing, estimated to increase by 30% over the same period last year. Indochina247  company specializes in providing sea freight price lists from Vietnam to Incheon Korea at super cheap prices. Call us immediately at hotline: 0868.356.797.

How to ship by sea from Vietnam to Incheon Korea at the most reasonable price?

Where to search for cargo packaging services shipped from Vietnam to Incheon Korea?

What is the process of shipping by sea from Vietnam to Korea?

Let’ answer questions about the price list of sea freight from Vietnam to Korea through the article below.

Price list of LCL (Less Container Loading) From Vietnam to Incheon Korea:

1. O/F (Ocean Freight)

Sea freight cost: 2-5 USD/ CBM (may be cheaper)

In some cases this shipping cost may be waived.

2.  LLC (Local Charge)

  • THC: $9/ CBM
  • CFS: $9/CBM
  • LSS: $9/ CBM
  • GRI: $10/ CBM

(These above prices could be increased or reduced by $1-2 )

Exports from Vietnam to Incheon Korea By Sea:

  1. Dry goods such as cashew nuts, rubber, coffee, flour, rice, dry food …
  2. Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemicals;
  3. Water goods such as chemicals, detergents, soft drinks, beer, paints …;
  4. Packing goods such as rubber, glue, plastic granules …;
  5. Packaging goods such as confectionery, tobacco, chili sauce …;
  6. Household items;
  7. Machinery and equipment…;
  8. Heavy goods such as nails, iron, stainless steel, fur compensation, fasteners, welding rods …;
  9. Super-field, super-weight goods;
  10. Cars, motorbikes, televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners …;
  11. And many other types of items (except those prohibited by law, goods of unknown origin, no accompanying documents or invoices, rare animals, poultry goods …);

 Indochina247 International Sea Routes from Vietnam

  1. Haiphong- Singapore
  2. Haiphong – Incheon (South Korea)
  3. Haiphong -Busan (South Korea)
  4. Haiphong – Shanghai (China)
  5. Haiphong – Shekou (China)
  6. Haiphong – Hong Kong (China)
  7. Haiphong – Keelung (Taiwan)
  8. Haiphong – Nagoya (Japan)
  9. Haiphong – Tokyo (Japan)
  10. Haiphong – Yokohama (Japan)
  11. Haiphong -Kobe (Japan)
  12. Haiphong – Osaka (Japan)
  13. Haiphong – Hakata (Japan)
  14. Haiphong – Moji (Japan)
  15. Haiphong – Port K’lang (Malaysia)
  16. Haiphong – Bangkok (Thailand)
  17. Haiphong – Laem Chabang (Thailand)
  18. Haiphong – North Manila (Philippines)
  19. Haiphong – Jakarta(Indonesia)
  20. Haiphong – Los Angeles (USA)
  21. Haiphong – New York (USA)

Shipping and Shipping Process:

Customer Advisory

When receiving your request for shipping, our company will have a contact team to support and advise you to choose the most suitable forms of transportation, shipping by sea, and get information about the goods to be transported, shipping by sea.

Cargo Survey

Most of us may have information about the goods by phone or email, but for some items that are difficult to transport, shipping by sea or loud, bulky, the company will send people to conduct surveys and consult directly for you.

Shipping And Shipping Discounts

After having information about the goods and requesting your shipping and shipping, Company will have staff send an email or call back to accurately inform you about the shipment of shipping and shipping.

Signing the Contract

When you agree with us on the terms and rates of shipping, shipping, we will proceed to draft the contract, submit it to the director to sign, stamp and send it back to you for the two parties to proceed to the shipment.

Order Confirmation

After receiving the request for shipping, we will proceed to call to confirm, get the address information, contact person and report the exact time to the delivery for you to arrange reasonably.

Order Tracking and Updating

Once your goods have been shipped or shipped by sea, we will regularly track and update the shipment itinerary for you. To help you feel secure about shipping shipments, shipping by sea.

Notice of Return Time

When your shipment arrives, we will notify the delivery person of the return time in advance so that the recipient can proactively receive the goods (it is possible to give a half-day or a few hours prior to arrival).

Return and Hand Over Documents

This is the last stage in the process of shipping and shipping goods of the company Your goods will be returned to the recipient by us, with a full confirmation record of the recipient. After the delivery, we will call back to let you know, and rest assured.

General Notes When Shipping Cargo

We understand that, in order for the shipping of goods to take place smoothly, quickly, nicely and at the least risk, in addition to the efforts of our company, the support and assurance of the rules when sending your goods will also contribute to the success and long-term cooperation of both parties.

Therefore, before shipping, you should note the following issues:

  1. Goods must have full invoices or documents (for customers who are companies);
  2. Receiving and sending goods by sea of all kinds (except for cattle, poultry, rare animals; contraband, goods of unknown origin and prohibited goods as prescribed by law);
  3. Accurate time notification of shipment;
  4. Provide the full address and contact information for the delivery;
  5. Prepare the goods in full before you go to get them;
  6. And some other notes to pay attention to;

 The Company’s Offerings Indochina247.Com:

  1. Domestic shipping price consultancy
  2. Packing consultancy for customers
  3. Support lifting, unloading, loading, and unloading goods for customers.
  4. Import and export entrusted consultancy
  5. Consulting procedures, documents of transporting goods to customers

Our Commitment:

  1. Comply with the terms of the contract;
  2. Ensure fast and accurate sea freight time;
  3. Ensure the whole belts and components during the process of transporting and sending goods by sea;
  4. Competitive and reasonable sea freight rates;
  5. Be liable and compensate for 100% of all risks that occur (if any);

Contact Us:

Indochina International Post And Transport Joint Stock Company

Address: 157 Chua Lang Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi.

Tel: 0868.356.797



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Sea Freight From Vietnam to Incheon Korea
Sea Freight From Vietnam to Incheon Korea
Sea Freight From Vietnam to Incheon Korea
Sea Freight From Vietnam to Incheon Korea
Sea Freight From Vietnam to Incheon Korea
Sea Freight From Vietnam to Incheon Korea
Sea Freight From Vietnam to Incheon Korea
Sea Freight From Vietnam to Incheon Korea
Sea Freight From Vietnam to Incheon Korea
Sea Freight From Vietnam to Incheon Korea
Sea Freight From Vietnam to Incheon Korea
Sea Freight From Vietnam to Incheon Korea

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