Sea Freight Service For Ceramics Craft Products

Sea Freight Service For Ceramics Craft Products

Ceramic products, handicrafts are one of the items that account for a large proportion of exports in our country. Vietnam is a famous country with more than 600 handicraft villages, handicraft products, ceramics, … of Vietnam is always loved by friends all over the five continents. The increasing value of handicrafts and ceramics exported abroad is a good sign for both the country’s culture and economy.

In order to contribute to bringing Vietnamese handicraft products to international markets , our Indochina247 Company offers customers the most economical cost of transporting ceramics to Dubai. 

Sea Freight Service For Ceramics Craft Products
Sea Freight Service For Ceramics and Craft Products From Vietnam To Dubai
Sea Freight Service For Ceramics Craft Products
Sea Freight Service For Ceramics and Craft Products From Vietnam To Dubai
Sea Freight Service For Ceramics and Craft Products
Sea Freight Service For Ceramics and Craft Products From Vietnam To Dubai
Sea Freight Service For Ceramics Craft Products
Sea Freight Service For Ceramics and Craft Products
Sea Freight Service For Ceramics Craft Products
Sea Freight Service For Ceramics and Craft Products From Vietnam To Dubai

Why Choose Indochina247 As The Unit Transporting Ceramics To Dubai?


Benefits Of Customers When Using Indochina247’S Seaborne Ceramics Transport Service To Dubai:

Indochina247 is proud to be the leading transport company with all modes of transportation by sea, air, … … To meet the needs of customers, we provide you with sea freight services. ceramics to Dubai

We are committed to providing customers with guaranteed services:

  • Competitive rates
  • Commitment to 100% cargo insurance for customers
  • FREE consultation and detailed information on customs procedures and procedures for each product
  • Package quotes and clear announcements about the time and route of goods transportation.
  • Advice on how to pack and preserve goods.
  • Professional service

Advantages Of Sea Transport

  • Transporting large tonnage goods, transporting volume can be up to hundreds of thousands of times compared with airmail. Because of such advantage, the sea is capable of transporting all types of goods on the market.
  • Low cost, due to the large volume of transport, the cost is reduced, which is why sea shipping is considered a top priority in transporting goods and has the lowest price among all modes of transportation. moved on.
  • The problem of collisions during transportation is also limited, goods safety is guaranteed. Due to the wide sea traffic, collisions are less likely to occur.

Our Main Services In Sea Shipping:

  • Professional sea shipping consultant.
  • Packing of goods to ensure professional sea transportation.
  • Close pallets to ensure goods are not damaged or broken during transportation
  • Schedule for tractors to load in the city.
  • Booking ship to transport goods on schedule.

Consultation Process Procedures For Shipping Ceramics To Dubai

To know more about the process and procedures for seaborne ceramics transporting services to Dubai by Indochina247 . In the following article, we will provide you with detailed information about goods export services from Vietnam to International.

Step 1: Receive Information And Plan To Support

The necessary information for seaborne ceramics shipping order to Dubai . Customers need to provide for assistance with advice and quotation:

  • Contrast foreign
  • Invoice, packing list
  • Address 2 first to deliver and receive goods
  • HS code of goods (if any)
  • MSDS and product declaration (In case goods are cosmetics, chemicals, chemicals …)
  • Delivery method specified
  • Designated seaports at 2 ends
  • Phone number and contact email .

After having the above information, we will proceed to plan and check the all in fee to send to customers as soon as possible.

Step 2: Field Survey, Shipping Plan And Quotation

In this step, is divided into the following sub-sections:

Field Survey :

This step is for orders that need top pick-ups in Vietnam. Specifically:

We need to take the pick-up address to survey the goods, topography from there to the packing plan, crane and transport the goods from there to the designated port.

Packing Before Shipping

Specifically with the order are ceramic items. With many years of experience in the field of exporting goods to foreign countries. We have had experience in product packaging to ensure the safest during transportation:

Step 1: Pack with newspaper, or foam paper (preferably 2 layers)

Step 2: Close the cardboard box to separate the ceramic products from each other

Step 3: Next is a layer of foam cover

Step 4: Then there is a carton

Step 5: Finally, close the protective wooden pallet

Up Shipping Plan:

After surveying the field, Indochina247 proceeded to plan to arrange packing schedule, arrange pick-up trucks and advise customers on the transportation plan in stages.

  1. Arrange wheelchair to pick-up address to load truck.
  2. Ship from Hanoi address to Hai Phong or Saigon port
  3. Shipping from Hai Phong or Saigon port to an international port
  4. Shipping quotes and customs clearance in Vietnam

The shipping plan is the basis to quote the entire process of exporting goods to customers. After clarifying each part of the shipping process, we will send you the CIF quotation

To know the exact fee for the order, please contact hotline: 0868.356.797 or email:

Step 3: Payment And Shipping

  • After the committed time, goods are transferred to the warehouse of in Hai Phong or Saigon. We will conduct weight measurement 2 times . After that, our system will notify you the total charge based on the original price. Please pay correctly and fully in installments as both parties committed in the Contract.
  • In addition, we will book ships, make declarations and take steps to support export as specified in the contract. All documents related to the shipment, Indochina247 will return to the customer after the goods are exported from Vietnam and we receive the full payment fee from you.

Note When Sending Pottery Goods Abroad :

To get the fastest support to the customs department, customers need to tell the shipping unit the details of the order. The handicraft items that are subject to the same spraying and quarantine as wooden furniture, bamboo, etc. will take longer than normal items.

Shipping costs do not include costs of phytosanitary, certification of origin, letter of commitment,….

Reference information: General Department of Customs

In addition to ceramic items , Indochina247 Company also transports other handicrafts by sea such as:

  • Bamboo and rattan products: bamboo baskets, bamboo and rattan furniture, knitting hats,….
  • Wooden furniture: handicraft wooden products, wooden furniture, carved wooden Buddha statues, …
  • Bronze goods: worship also, fine art bronze articles, …
  • Ceramic and porcelain wares: bowls, pots, jars, ceramic statues, …
  • Handmade goods: jewelry, hanmade accessories, …
  • Souvenirs: decorative objects, shells,….
  • Painting products: oil paintings, lacquer paintings, embroidery paintings, …

Contact Us:

Dong Duong International Investment Trading Company Limited

Address: No. 22, 157/29 Chua Lang Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi


Tel: 086.835.6797

Email: or

Receiving Shipping Goods By Sea In Districts In Hanoi And Ho Chi Minh

Districts In Hanoi:

Ba Dinh, North Tu Liem, Cau Giay, Dong Da, Ha Dong, Hai Ba Trung, Hoan Kiem, Hoang Mai, Long Bien, South Tu Liem, Tay Ho, Thanh Xuan, Son Tay, Ba Vi, Chuong My, Dan Phuong , Dong Anh, Gia Lam, Hoai Duc, Phu Xuyen, Phuc Tho, Quoc Oai, Soc Son, Thach That, Thanh Oai, Thanh Tri, Thuong Tin, Ung Hoa.

Districts In Ho Chi Minh City:

District 1, District 2, District 3, District 4, District 5, District 6, District 7, District 8, District 9, District 10 District, District 11, District 12, Binh Tan District, Binh Thanh District, Go Vap District, District Phu Nhuan, Tan Binh District, Tan Phu District, Thu Duc District, Binh Chanh District, Can Gio District, Cu Chi District, Hoc Mon District, Nha Be District.

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